Metal mesh sifters are generally used in major industrial and commercial projects, like mining, refining, sifting, food processing, chemical and other manufacturing plants.You can choose from rectangular, round, edge and eyelet screens and strainers that are available for all types of separator machines.

Perforated screens are available in stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised steel, with varied round hole diameters and thickness, depending on your requirements.

Circular Screens: New circular rings with mesh, are available (and re-meshing as well), from 18″ up to 60″ diameter, in bolted, spot welded or glued.

Filters and Strainers

Filter Discs: Made from metal wire cloth and sintered fibres, laminated wire cloth and sintered wire mesh plates. Available in any size diameter. Edges can be secured in various ways: Spot welding, plasma welding, flanged or bound with metal.

Filter Elements: Choose from a complete range of standard filter shapes, single pieces are available in small and large quantities. The different shapes are made from metal wire cloth, sintered fibres, laminate wire cloth, perforated metals and wedge wire screens, depending on their intended use.

Accessories: Order cartridges, inserts, strainers, cylinders, conical filters, baskets, bags and gaskets.